When is a Member Program not for Members?


These days you hear a lot about segmentation, and one of Quick18’s key assets are powerful segmentation capabilities. if you’re not sure how, take a look at Customer Groups and see what segments you can develop by playing with the all-powerful filters. Or ask us!

But one other tool on board can be a key asset in capturing segments from marketing campaigns: Member Programs.

Quick18’s Member Programs were designed to allow you to manage your members (duh!), but some courses have also used them for marketing campaigns. When you do that Groupon deal, or run an ad on  a local radio station, your success is first measured in terms of how many people got on board: how many vouchers sold, or rounds played. But real success comes from getting those people back for another round, another time.

If your campaign is selling a round of golf, you might send the customers to a dedicated booking engine, or a special price schedule. From here you can easily run a report showing who exactly purchased those rounds, and send a future campaign just to them.

But if you’re selling an offer that involves a period of unlimited golf, say a month, then you can use Member Programs to capture the customer and fulfil the offer. A Member Program can have a fixed duration, say 30 days from purchase, or a specified month, and start on any date you like. They can be set to fire an automatic welcome email to new customers who join the offer, and can be used to produce a customer list for re-marketing any time.


You can even sell the program direct through your Quick18 dedicated store, taking payment via your own payment engine.

So next time you’re thinking of a campaign, make sure you think about how you’re going to capture the customer data as well as allow them to book their golf. Member Programs might be the solution you’re looking for.

For existing Quick18 clients,  check out Cory’s helpful video here.