Promo Codes & Loyalty

Reward your organisation by rewarding your customers

What makes a golfer come back to your facility? The friendly face behind the counter, the challenge on the sixth hole, the immaculately maintained fairways? All of these and more. What happens when your competitors all offer the same thing? Competitive edge is what it is all about. Rewarding your customers makes their decision about where to play next weekend that much easier. Quick18 can deliver these rewards via our simple but powerful promo codes tool or, when you’re ready, our loyalty rewards system.

Whether it is a promo code for a discount to all your clients or a value-add promotion to a select group, this cost effective marketing facility means that you can drive behaviour on your terms with measurable results. It’s easy to use and, in conjunction with your email tool, promo codes are an effective way to keep your head above the crowd and deliver real targeted value to your customers and to your bottom line.

Track the effectiveness of your promotional codes and see how they were utilised so you can make sure that you can adapt what isn’t working for your course to something that does work for your course.


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