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It become a bit of a buzzword of late but ‘the cloud’ in the context of software basically means that all the data and applications reside on internet servers rather than being installed on local servers in your business. Cloud based applications allow for a lot more freedom and access to your data from anywhere with a decent internet connection (all with appropriate security of course) – keeping costs low, information in real time and support easy to administer.

Albatross Club Management Solutions has a range of options that include short agreement term periods, please CONTACT US to schedule an appointment with one of our team so we can assist in finding the best solution for your needs.

Whilst it is preferable to have a website, it is not critical. If you haven’t yet got a website and would like one, our digital marketing team can assist you with a new website and hosting. The team at The Marketing Mix can provide you with a basic website to get you started (often within a week or two) at a minimal cost. They built this one!

You’ll need a standard broadband connection to be able to reliably run Quick18. A standard internet browser (Internet Explorer, Safari etc) is the only application you’ll need to access Quick18 – the version should be no more than 5 years old.

No, although several of our clients have opted to purchase larger screens for their golf shop counters. Generally, no additional hardware is required. All you need is a computer and screen at the counter to be able to take phone bookings and check people in. You can access Quick18 from any internet enabled computer, tablet or phone.

We have a range of options including some with no setup or installation costs.
Please CONTACT US to schedule an appointment with one of our team so we can assist in finding the best solution for your needs.

Extensive training is provided for your staff from the outset and support is available 24/7 by submitting a support request on our website. Our Australian team handles all enquiries, usually within a 24 hour timeframe depending on the priorities of the day, and are ably backed up by the Quick18 development team in Oregon in the US.

The airline and hotel industries have perfected the use of yield management in modern times, by adjusting the price of a limited resource like airline seats or hotel nights with a keen understanding of their consumers’ behaviours to maximise their profit. Golf courses face a similar challenge – tee-times are perishable (i.e. can’t be used once the allocated time has passed) and so the idea is to coordinate timing, price, and consumer buying patterns to achieve the best return on each of the available tee-times.

The benefits of giving your customers the choice to book online are here. Our question back to you is – why wouldn’t you? Now that it is easier than ever to take bookings for golf 24 hours a day, it is an option more and more consumers are demanding.

Not at all. The system is easy to use once you’ve been trained and it has been designed with Golf Shop staff in mind.

Yes, you can! Find out more here, but we have a simple system which uses the email addresses and customer data picked up by the tee-sheet. You can send emails whenever you like and we also have a terrific option called ‘Drive’ which sends out automated emails like ‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘Thank you For Playing’ emails with repeat booking incentives attached.

Yes, Quick18 includes a very powerful but easy to use tool to generate promo codes to your specifications.

Most of our clients take payments online for tee-time bookings, although it is certainly an option not to if you prefer. If you require online payments, we work with you and our preferred supplier (eWay) to create the merchant facility and payment gateway for you.

Yes, it can manage your cart booking. Each golf course is different, so give us a call and we can go through how it works with you.

Yes, Quick18 has a tool known as ‘Member Programs’ which allows you to configure the membership and allocate the program to the relevant customers. Talk to us about how it can work for your course.


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