Driving revenue depends on measuring your results


​We often describe Quick18 as a revenue tool, not a booking platform. We believe that Quick18 should help you drive your revenue, and there are a range of tools on board designed to do just that.

But tools aren’t the answer on their own – you need a strategy, and you need to measure your results. In terms of developing a price strategy, we’re always happy to help and Quick18 has a role at the upcoming Golf Business Forum to talk about developing price strategies.

So let’s talk measurement!

Quick18 has many reports on board, and today we’re looking at the PURRA report – no, it’s not milk, it’s Price, Utilisation, Rounds and Revenue & Advance days. PURRA takes the key information you need to know and puts it in one report. Take a look here (we’ve blocked the name of the facility):

For your selected date range, you get average price, course utilisation, total rounds, total revenue and average days in advance for bookings. You can see this facility is achieving an average of 9.9 days in advance for bookings on the 18-hole course, with an average price of $41.36.  Sounds good, right?

When you compare this to prior periods, you can start to identify key periods that drive your revenue and behave differently.

But let’s dig deeper, select the “+” next to the course and see what you get:

Now you see all data for each day of the week, keep hitting the “+” and you’ll see each hour of each day. You can see that Sundays drive the advance booking average, probably due to some social group bookings. So in fact the average days in advance is considerably lower on other days of the week, especially early in the week.

Revenue management requires attention to detail, and this is how you get it. Managing promotions to target specific periods is a great way to drive revenue, provided you are crafting the offer to offer discounts or bundles at the right times, for the right days.

Still not enough data? Try hitting the “+” above Average Price:

…now you get the same data split by all your price schedules – exportable to Excel to really get busy:

  • See how your concession rates perform compared to your standard rates
  • Identify differences in advance booking periods for your promotional prices
  • See how your main 18 hole rate performs on different days of the week, and adapt your prices for periods of high demand

PURRA is a key report and worth some of your time today. It’s accessible to clients under the “Reports” tab, and can be configured for any date range (be patient if you want a whole year). You can restrict access too, just let us know.

​ As always, reach out if you would like to discuss Quick18, pricing strategy, or just chew the fat on matters golf business.