Cart management update

Good news, another improvement to cart fleet management. A couple of weeks back we talked through the options of running a blended rate vs treating carts as an “add-on”. Under either approach you will have customers who decide on check-in that they want a cart, or perhaps no longer want a cart.

There is a great solution for this: on check-in you have the option of changing a walking rate to a cart rate, or vice versa. When you start the check-in process you can select Walk / Cart. This now overrides whatever the rate is (cart or not) and also counts carts for the inventory tracking:

You can also check in some players with “cart” selected, complete the check-in, then check-in the remaining players at the “walk” rate. The booking will then record two people in a cart (1 cart) and two people walking:
Note that if you are tracking your cart revenue through Quick18 this may not work for you, as it will not record the revenue. For example, by changing a blended cart-rate booking to a walking booking, the revenue recorded does not change. However, for most courses the POS tracks revenue so this won’t be an issue. 

Let us know if this works for you, feedback always welcome.